As an employer you may encounter your staff taking time off sick with psychological issues. As you are aware, how you respond and help your employees during their difficult times is important in maintaining a strong working relationship.

Psychological issues cost significant amounts of money, not only to the healthcare services but in lost working days and negative effects on efficiency and production.

Employee mental wellbeing has become a hot topic of recent years, with mental health stigmas being challenged more, both in the media and by individuals themselves.  There has never been a better time to support your employees with their psychological issues.

As an employer you can support the psychological wellbeing of your employees in a variety of ways. One way you can help them is to sponsor one to one therapy sessions.


By sponsoring one to one sessions, you can help your employees to:

  • Alleviate stress or anxiety
  • Rebuild their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Overcome psychosomatic physical symptoms

Please see the therapy pages for more detailed lists of issues I can help with.  I also run workshops  on common issues which you may feel it would be beneficial for your employees to attend.

Doing your best to preserve the psychological health of your team is cost effective as it can increase productivity, renew valuable enthusiasm and reduce absenteeism.

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