“I went to see Derek to give up smoking. He was very clear with me that I had to want to give up or hypnotherapy would not work for me. On this basis I was happy to proceed as I really wanted to be a non-smoker.

Derek explained the process to me, that he would distract my conscious mind and talk to my subconscious mind. I would be aware of what was happening but be completely relaxed.

Immediately after the session, I was not sure that anything had changed, but when I got into the car to drive home, I had no craving for a cigarette which was normally a trigger point for me. As the week progressed, I felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket making me feel safe and protected with no need for a cigarette.

I have had a couple of difficult situations to deal with, where resorting to a cigarette would have been my first response but happily, I have not needed to smoke.

I have now been a non-smoker for five months and have not slipped. I had smoked for 44 years and loved it, but after one session with Derek and being really clear with myself that I wanted to be a non-smoker I have success.

I spoil myself regularly with the money I save which keeps me motivated and happy.